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the Project Management Lab

is a corporate management consultancy company specialising exclusively in the field of Project Management.

We provide targeted answers to the constantly increasing demand for Project Management services from an ever larger number of companies.

We are passionate about our work and strongly believe in what we have to offer, and, at the same time, the significant, proven experience that each one of us has gained in the field of Project Management guarantees precision and, most importantly, tangible returns.

Knowledge in projects

A collection of insights for improving project performance through knowledge, across the temporary dimension of projects.
Click here for downloading the insights

PM Cameos

A collection of metaphors about Project Management topics
Click here for downloading the metaphors


  • PMIEF Supporters 2019

    PMLAB for Social Good

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  • ISO 9001:2015, Mission confirmed!

    PMLAB has successfully confirmed its Quality Management System, 9001:2015. It's a great result in that allows to offer to our customers products and services better focused on stakeholders needs and  based on a sound...

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  • Best wishes!

    PMLAB wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with a donation we made to PMI® Educational Foundation, the philanthropic worldwide organization devoted to project management for social good.

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  • Project Management Cameos - 10. Scope Creep may be fatal!

    Scope Creep may be fatal!

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  • Project Management Cameos - 9. The project manager: our caregiver!

    The project manager: our caregiver!

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